Our Team

 dennis mueller Dennis Müller

Since his vocational training, which he concluded successfully in 2002, he was temporarily in Aachen and returned to his training company.
Since September 2009 he is employed as office manager in the
DTS travel agency.

After several trips into the following regions he acquired special knowledge about Southeast Asia and there in detail about Thailand and Bali (Indonesia).
In Europe he knows from first-hand: Turkey, Menorca, Malta, Tenerife, La Gomera as well as diverse European major cities.





 debora de vito Debora de Vito

In August 2010 DDV started her vocational training to travel agent in the DTS travel agency. Before that she got her advanced college certificate for granting the right to shorten the vocational training. Not only in the office she learns a lot about the different destinations in detail but also in the vocational school, which she attends additionally.

In winter 2012/2013 DDV will graduate her final examination and she can imagine quite well to continue working in this profession.

From own trips she made she got to know personally the following destinations and regions: Rome, Calabria, London, Turkey.


azubi  Gianluca Abrignani
Im Oktober 2016 hat Gianluca Abrignani seine Ausbildung als Tourismuskaufmann im D.T.S Reisebüro begonnen, die er im März 2019 beenden wird.                
Seine Fremdsprachenkenntnisse aus der Schule wie Englisch, als auch seine muttersprachlichen Kenntnisse Französisch, wird er gut in die Ausbildung mit einbringen können.
Nach seinem Abitur hat er an dem Europäischen Freiwilligen Dienst teilgenommen, welches er ein Jahr in Tunesien absolviert hat.  
Auf eigenen Reisen lernte er folgende Länder kennen: Griechenland, Spanien, Frankreich, Italien, sowie viele weitere Städte.


 alexandra aslanidis Alexandra Aslanidis

Im August 2015 wird Alexandra Aslanidis ihre Ausbildung zur Tourismuskauffrau im D.T.S Reisebüro beginnen die sie im Januar 2018 mit ihrem Fachabitur beenden wird.

Ihre Fremdsprachenkenntnisse aus der Schule wie englisch und spanisch, als auch ihre muttersprachlichen Kenntnisse griechisch, wird sie gut in die Ausbildung mit einbringen können.

Auf eigenen Reisen lernte sie folgende Länder kennen: Griechenland, Spanien, Frankreich, Schweiz, England sowie viele weitere Städte.


 thomas duppke Thomas Duppke

After 5 years stay on the Canary Islands, TD came back to Germany in 1996.

He had been working over there as tour guide, as senior tour guide and as sales – and marketing manager for German tour operators and Spanish hotel companies.

Back in Germany he founded DTS Ltd. and one year later he took over the travel agency located in the B E.

Since then he consults diverse foreign hotelier keepers, touristic enterprises, destinations and tour operators as well in matters of training and education as in marketing.

He is considered a top specialist for the Canary Islands, for which he is working since 1990. Here he knows many hotels and their operators personally. Additionally on behalf of his representation of hotels he has learned much in detail about different areas in destinations like Greece and Turkey.




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